The Art of Active Networking

Last night I had the pleasure of attending my favorite networking event for the second time.  (Although, technically, The Art of Active Networking is an anti-networking event.  In fact, it's founder Mark Sackett hates the word networking.)  The intention of these get-togethers is to share your skills and connections, and offer support.  Instead of seeking out those that can help you, you reach out to those you believe you can assist.  It looks a little something like this- as is considered traditional, you have about an hour to grab a drink and some food and chat with others attending.  Everyone then gathers in a room and each gets 30 seconds to talk about what they are passionate about and where they could use support.  At the end everyone gets a chance to talk with those that they think they can be of assistance to.  

The Art of Active Networking will actually be changing it's name to mygive4 which encourages giving 4 hours of your time to others a week. What I love about this event is that instead of a traditional networking where you approach everyone hoping to sell your product or services, the intention is to see how you can help.

The first time I attended was this May.  That night I sat next to someone I have since been partnering with for legal advice, and am lucky to say I can also now call a friend.  Sean has provided me with hours of legal advice to make Rocket Juice happen, and has even driven to Sacramento to file my Articles of Incorporation and securing an EIN to make everything official.

Last night I used my 30 seconds to plug my passion- Space!  I spoke about World Space Week which will take place October 4-10th and asked for volunteers. I also talked about having recently left my corporate job and trying things on my own.  Later that evening I connected with a potential MC for the mid-September Hackathon as well as several possible participants and attendees. All-in-all, a successful night!

Want to go? Well, August is currently forecasted to be the last event in this series to be held at The Box SF.  Mark needs your help. The city of San Francisco has decided that The Box where he holds this event monthly is not zoned to hold events. His only options are to raise 1.6 million to update this historic building which once held William Randolph Hurst's printing press- or find a new venue. I personally find this venue awe inspiring and hope that something can be figured out.

Think you can help?  Do you have any resources or connections that you think could be of value?  Connect with Mark here

And I invite you to find out more about the Art of Active Networking: Events are held monthly in San Francisco but there are events in NYC and LA as well as internationally.

I hope to see you at the next gathering!

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