Attention Purple Squirrel's! Now Offering Resume Services

Ever hear the phrase "purple squirrel"?  It's a term within the hiring industry that implies you are looking for such a unique combination of certifications and experiences, that the likelihood of finding such a particular individual is as likely as finding a purple squirrel.

But you do exist.  You have the background, you've been groomed for this opportunity, and you're ready to take on your next role.  But the phone hasn't rung yet.  Why?

Searching for a new opportunity can be an overwhelming and frustrating journey.  It is a combination of timing, marketing, networking, and a bit of luck.  Some opportunities you have to scour for, others can organically materialize by referral from within your network.  No matter how the role presents itself, you need to be prepared to showcase your skills and experiences.  

A resume isn't just a list of the things you've done, it's an opportunity for you to tell a future boss- I was made for this.  It's an opportunity to tell your future coworkers- I'm going to be there for you and with you.  It's a way to communicate to those in lateral departments that-  I've been in your shoes before, I get it, and we're going to dominate together.

How do I personally pick which roles, passion projects and side hustles to include or omit?  What is the right way to word my experience?  Am I representing myself accurately, while showcasing my potential?  Do I look like a Ninja, or a job-hopping mess?

Did you know that there are certain key words that HR and hiring managers are looking for when it comes to specific roles?  Most companies utilize applicant tracking systems, or ATS.  These programs scan resumes for key words of the roles the company is looking to fill, and from those automated results, they then review and reach out to potential talent.  Your resume may never even be reviewed if you aren't using, or don't have enough of those key words.

Yes, you read that right.  You literally could be the unique purple squirrel a company is looking for.  You may have the right combination of skills and experience.  But just because you phrased things a certain way, you're never even going to get considered.

Overwhelmed, feeling despondent?  Don't.  Just let me help you.  Utilize my 10 years of recruiting experience to help represent yourself in the best light to get you the opportunity you're looking for.  I can't be in the interview with you (however I am totally down to reenact the scene from Step Brothers if you have an interview lined up for a role you're not seriously hoping to obtain) but I can help you open the door and increase your opportunity to get more interviews.

Services offered:

1. Complete Resume - I will write a resume from scratch that highlights your skillset properly.

2. Resume Review - I will review your current resume and help made the proper changes to get you noticed. 

3. Custom Resume - Have a job in mind? I will make sure the key words are on your resume.

I offer flexible pricing depending on the level of support you need. Interested?  Click here to review my competitive rates.

Let me know how I can help you with your next opportunity!

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