I've had my share of bad days. I'm pretty sure you have as well. Sometimes all it takes is a small gesture to turn it around but it can come in ways we've never expected. About a week ago I was checking my LinkedIn feed and I came across a post from Andre Smith about sitting down near a BART station in San Francisco and seeing a unopened letter next to him that said "Open Me Kindly". What he read brought him to tears. 

There is a gentleman named Nate Proctor who is one of many people around the world writing love letters to strangers. In the letter that Andre Smith happened up my favorite lines are "The world is indeed a better place with you in it" and "I have faith in you"

On a bad day what things would mean something to you? A smile from a stranger? Someone buying you a cup of coffee? A hug from a family member or friend? Think about how your outlook would change if you happened upon a letter like this.

I have to give credit to the post that brought this wonderful outreach to my attention. Here is the original LinkedIn post I came across last week.

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