Be A Constant Learner

Yesterday evening, after a mind blowing episode of GoT, I found myself catching up on social media and I came across an article about 7 Brain Hacks to enable intelligence and success. 

The article talks about how important it is to be constantly learning, challenging your brain and to do this in different ways. Two of my personal heroes, Oprah Winfrey and Bill Gates, attribute constant learning to their success. 

I have personally found one of the takeaways, taking 10 minutes breaks between sessions, to be incredibly true. Stepping outside for a bit of sunshine and fresh air or just walking around stretching are an instant recharge for me. 

My last boss used to make fun of me for carrying a notebook and writing notes by hand instead of typing on my laptop- I'm tempted to send him this article.  Something about holding a pen in your hand, connecting that pen to paper and writing makes things click inside my head. I do not get the same connection using technology, and I agree with the author that using analog methods for recording things helps one commit those items to memory more effectively.

The hardest suggested hack for me to execute will probably be to stop multitasking. With the way that my brain works I am unable to focus on one thing at a time and multitasking seems to allow me to get so much more done. 

Read the article written by Elle Kaplan, CEO and Founder of @LexiconCapital.  I'd love to hear your thoughts and takeaways.  Which of these hacks are you already doing?  Which ones suggested do you think you'll struggle with adapting into your life?  What are other habits and behaviors that you attribute to your success, but were not mentioned here?

“Half of what separates successful entrepreneurs from the NON - SUCCESSFUL ones is pure perseverance.”

-Steve Jobs

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