Rocket Juice Is Closed For The Day that we can celebrate the day that the Director of Galactic Outreach first graced the Earth with her presence. Early morning on July 19th, 1981 in Saline, Michigan, Jane Smith had a little girl and devoted the next 21 years of her life loving that little girl. That little girl grew up in Michigan and was raised by an incredible family. She spent a lot of time on her grandfather's farm with her pet lamb Sammy. She eventually traveled to the weird state of California and found her home in the Bay. 

Want to get involved in the celebration? Here are some gift ideas...

1. Ticket to Adult Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama

2. A day with Buzz Aldrin 

3. Astronaut suit

4. Phone call from Mark Cuban followed by invitation to a Maverick's game

5. Lunch with Elon Musk and Richard Branson

6. Ticket to Mars

7. A night at the Ice Hotel

8. A cabin on Lake Michigan

9. University of Michigan Football Season Tickets

10. Dinner with Jim Harbaugh

11. Happy Hour with the cast of Silicon Valley

12. A hug from Oprah

13. Seat at Mission Control for a launch

14. Honorary degree from Stanford

Not a billionaire or friends with a billionaire? A phone call, a high five, a card, donation to your favorite charity or hugs are much appreciated. 


RJC is heading to brunch, followed by a day at the zoo and finishing the evening with a beer (maybe 2). How are you going to celebrate today?

"Stacy being Stacy"


PS- please keep an eye out for my kickstarter fund campaign tomorrow.  It is unlikely that my zoo heist will be successful and therefor highly likely I'll need help posting bail.

Seen here:  Beta version of Stacy and Sammy, accompanied by my beautiful mother.

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