I Ran 13.1 Miles This Morning...

And I paid money to do it! This morning, I participated in the 40th Annual San Francisco Marathon... well the 2nd half of it. The run went through Golden Gate Park all the way to Cupid's Arrow and was on one of the best races I have had the joy of participating in. 

I am happily able to write this because I completed 13.1 miles without having a heart attack, collapsing of exhaustion, falling down a hill or punching anyone. I'm home with Maize and Blue watching this week's Game of Thrones and enjoying Burmese Samusas and Platha. I rewarded myself with this treat because I burned 1,376 calories today or at least that's what my iPhone told me. 

How did I do? My wave started at 8:15am and I crossed the finish line at 11:21am with a smile on my face. I shaved 28 minutes off of my previous PR from last October during the Los Angeles Rock N Roll. When I started running 3 years ago I could not even run a mile. My first Half Marathon took me over 4 hours to complete. This was #8 and I can't wait till the next one. Join me November 5th for the Golden Gate Half!

In the day's leading to this I had a few goals in mind:

  1. Don't die or have a heart attack
  2. Don't trip and fall and roll down a hill
  3. Don't oversleep and miss the start
  4. Finish the full race
  5. Run across the finish and not have to be carried
  6. Drink a beer at the finish line
  7. Get my shiny new medal

I did all of the above and with all my extremities intact. 

Congrats to all the runners who ran the Ultra (52.4 miles), the full (26.2 miles) and the half's (13.1) for the 40th Annual San Francisco Marathon.. You are all AMAZING!

Stacy SmithComment