World Space Week- the countdown continues...

We have just over 11 weeks before the start of WSW, and I wanted to take a few moments to share why that is something worth looking forward to.  I was excited to find out that this year's theme is "Exploring New Worlds in Space".   I find the concept of this particularly engaging because as a young girl, my favorite thing to learn about in history class were early settlers and explorers.  Expanding our exposure and pressing on through adversity is deep at the center of the human experience.  Did you know that in October we will celebrate the 60 year anniversary of the launch of Sputnik?  Just over half a century ago brilliant minds came together to find a way to push our perceived boundaries and take the first steps towards space discovery.  I'm not going to get political, but with funding being redirected away from space education programs it is more important than ever for scientists and enthusiasts alike to collaborate as well as advocate and share their knowledge and passion.

Goran Nikolasevic is the Executive Director of the World Space Week Association and wrote a few words on the same topic.   I invite you to read Goran's words yourself and comment with your thoughts. 


Have a wonderful Tuesday!

-The Director of Galactic Outreach World Space Week 2017

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