How Do YOU Define Success?

Lately I have been thinking a lot about success. The last few weeks have been a roller coaster of greatness and moments of terrifying doubt, yet somehow I keep managing to stay on top. When  I think I made the wrong choice or panic, I take a deep breathe, phone a friend or watch Michigan Football Hype videos. My favorite shows all the hard losses the Wolverines experienced in recent years and transitions to the killer last season we had. This fall Ohio state is going down and WE WILL be in the playoffs! Our greatest successes have been after our greatest failures. 

What is success in your book?

For me there are a lot of definitions of success. As a recruiter it's getting a candidate that job they've been looking and hoping for. My favorite part has always been calling someone and telling them the job is theirs if they want it. I recently placed a iOS developer who had been commuting hours and thought they would not be able to find a job after their app's funding was pulled.  Well, they are about to celebrate a month of having a 15 minute commute with a company they love.  This, then candidate, has now become a dear friend and I get texts regularly to tell me how how happy they are in their new position. That is success.

As a Entrepreneur and business owner success comes in many ways. It can be meeting with a potential new client and explaining how I can help their company with responsible hiring. What is responsible hiring? Starting with your wish list and deciding the must have and the nice to haves. Looking at market rates and comparing  them to your budget. Getting a call from that client to tell me that the person I placed had a great first week and that they have another opening they would like me to work on. That is success. 

As a travel enthusiast, it's going from not being able to travel internationally for 4 years, to now having at least 5 countries on the agenda in the next 6 months. 4 years ago I spent a few weeks in Ireland and have been unable to take a vacation since. I've had time off but I choose to go home to Michigan to see family.  I love all of you dearly but 90 degree heat, humidity and mosquitoes is not the same as a watching the Northern Lights in Iceland (hint that's where I am headed in December for Christmas!!) On and watch out Europe! I'm heading your way in October too (Germany, U.K, Sweden and Norway, specifically). 

Success continues to be, for me, a combination of: 

  • happiness over how I choose to spend my time
  • the trust people have in me, exhibited by them choosing to continue to work with me
  • self respect for the way I handle myself
  • referrals of potential candidates and clients.

Don't get me wrong, money doesn't hurt (my landlord likes when I pay rent and I love buying groceries), but it does not define you and your accomplishments.  You can't take money with you.  Even if you bounce your last check, people will remember your character.  Some wise advise I was once given, I will now pass along to you.  "People will soon forget the words you used, but they will always remember the way you made them feel."


How do you define success?

Stacy SmithComment