Rocket Juice Is On The Road!

Karl the Fog (check out Twitter) said to head out of town a few day so we did! We are here in Orange County meeting candidates, companies looking to hire and of course talking about World Space Week. We are meeting with teachers on making the week a part of their curriculum and volunteers about having an event or getting the word out on social media.

Friday morning, we are heading to Santa Barbara for Start Up Weekend! This event connects mentors, investors and fellow entrepreneurs for a weekend of strategy, learning and networking. We are beyond excited to be a part of this event. 

Let's meet up and talk about why Space is cool, who your favorite astronaut is (You know who mine is by now), what you would send to Space besides yourself or your favorite Step Brother's quote. 

In August we are heading to Michigan and Chicago. Where should we head in September?'s looking like Florida and Nashville 

Stacy SmithComment