Hate Your Job? ...Do Something About It!

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistic's June 2017 report, here in the Bay Area we have one of the lowest unemployment rates for a major metropolitan city, in the United States. There are more jobs than people right now and companies are struggling to find the right talent for the roles they have.  San Francisco and San Jose both ranked 71 out of 388 metropolitan areas in the United States, with a rate of 3.1% of our population unemployed.

A few of our peer cities to compare with:  

  • Boston 4.0%, 114th ranking
  • LA and NY tied with 4.3%, 153rd ranking
  • Chicago 4.9%, 242nd ranking


With statistics like this, it shocks me how many times here in SF I overhear people in public complaining about their jobs. We all need to vent, sure, but this is a city of ingenuity, filled with focused and driven people.  We have access to incredible opportunities for mentorship and development.  Today I was sitting in a coffee shop working, and overheard someone complaining about their situation for over an hour.

Frustrated? I get it, I've been there.  But be the driving force in the direction of your own life.  Use your free time to apply for a different job, go to a networking event or, at the very least, have a meeting with your supervisor to see what changes can be made.


If you're looking for a change, or ready to dive into a new project, this is an incredible region of opportunity.  Competitive as all hell, but worth the fight.  

Let me be in your corner.  

Here at Rocket Juice we offer resume services, as well as the opportunity to represent you to our clients.  I also advise spending part of your weekend being an observer at a hackathon.  They can be incredible opportunities to network, and gain access to a wide variety of professionals.  Check out our upcoming events page here, and email rocketjuiceconsulting@gmail.com if you need help deciding which level ticket would be best applicable for what you were trying to get out of the event.

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