I Say Hustle...You Say?

When someone says they are a hustler what comes to mind? Do you think of someone working hard to make their dreams come true? Or does a shady character come to mind? One of my friends asked me why I called myself a hustler or call my side projects "side hustles". He had negative connotations of the word "hustle" when he read yesterdays blog about Start Up Weekend. On the other hand, I am proud to call myself a hustler and it puts a smile of my face when colleaques comment that I am always hustling. What do you think? Should I be calling myself something besides a hustler?

Getting ready to dive into Day 2 of Start Up weekend. My idea was not chosen last night but I found something I was just as excited about. I'll be able to share the concept Monday morning but it is something I cannot wait to be able to buy. Here's a hint...it involves Lord Of The Rings and Artificial Intelligence.

Last night I tackled one of my biggest fears which is speaking in front of a group of people. If we have met you might be surprised that speaking in public scares the crap of me. I start sweating, shaking and feel like running away. It's one thing to talk one of one but it is a whole other thing to be the center of attention in a crowded room. If we happen to be Facebook friends you might have seen my first live pitch at the opening night of Start Up Weekend here in Santa Barbara, I wasn't able to pitch Rocket Juice or the Hackathon series (We have a name now... Hackin The Law and the website will be live in a few days)  because we are already companies and existing ideas.

So what did I pitch?  I talked about an idea that my friend and I are working on for fun and for bragging rights. Bragging rights? I just want to able to call myself an iOS Developer and say I have an App in the Apple Store. So keep an eye out of Panda Beer in the next few weeks. Don't worry I'll include a link so you can buy it :) It's a steal at 99 cents. 

One last announcement. You might notice a new option on the website called Now Hiring! I will be using this page to showcase Rocket Juice client's most pressing hiring needs. Take a look and see if you or someone. you know might be a fit. 

Happy Saturday! - Stacy "The Hustler"

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