Day 4: Being a Entrepreneur is hard

It's Sunday, and despite it being a beautiful sunny day on Alameda Island; what do I find myself doing?  Turning down offers to grab a drink or go for a walk to the park.  Instead I'm choosing to write my first blog post and submitting my application for a NASA experience in August.

This is not a complaint. I chose this path knowing it would be hard and full of bumps. But the rewards I foresee in the future are well worth it. Rewards not just in the financial sense but owning my time, traveling the world, and helping encourage others to do the same. 

Why is being an Entrepreneur hard?

1. There is only one of you as you are getting started.

2. Your brain works faster than your hands can type.

3. Not everyone is going to support or understand what you are trying to accomplish.

4. Friday no longer has the same meaning it used to when you had a corporate job.

5. You do not know when your next paycheck is coming.

Why is being an Entrepreneur and CEO great?

1. You call the shots.

2. Your office is where you are.

3. Your cats can be considered staff.

4. The outpouring of support from family, friends and fellow Entrepreneurs/CEO's I have received over email, cards, LinkedIn and phone calls. 

Upcoming blogs will be about the Hackathon series I am developing for this fall, emerging technology trends, why Space is cool, some of my heroes (Think Buzz Aldrin and Mark Cuban along with some people you have not heard of... YET), the life of a recruiter, and conferences I am attending. 


Those are my thoughts today, thank you for sharing this moment with me.  Please subscribe to be alerted of new posts and I look forward to sharing this journey with you. Any other entrepreneurs out there reading this?  Comment below and lets connect!

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