A BOOST In Rocket Juice!

Drum roll please...... I am elated to announce that today Beth Comerford is formally joining Rocket Juice as our VP of Operations! Beth has over 15 years of Sales, Marketing and Consulting experience across multiple industries. She will handle the growing day-to-day needs of RJC, stragetic operations and facilitate our general business direction. 

Beth has been with Rocket Juice Consulting since the beginning as a advisor and friend. She has been a sounding board to all my crazy ideas, given me unlimited hugs when the tears came, and the first one to high five me for each success, big and small. I am so excited to make her an official member of Rocket Juice. 


And there is even more good news! Rocket Juice will be presenting a AI Hackathon at TechCode in Mountain View on Friday, September 8th through Sunday, September 10th. We are looking for around 60 participants. Who should participate? Current students in any discipline, recent graduates and experienced AI technologists as well as those looking to learn about about the StartUp world and incubators. We also need 4 more mentors to help advise our participants. 

I feel like I'm selling a toaster, however, I just can't help but squeeze in a 'but wait, there's more'!

Rocket Juice needs a Contract Technical Recruiter with at least a year of experience to help with the increasing hiring demands for our clients. Interested? Send your resume and cover letter to rocketjuiceconsulting@gmail.com 

Stacy SmithComment