A Total Eclipse of the heart...

May 1oth, 1994.  I was 7 years old, living in Falmouth, Massachussets and we piled into my Dad's red pickup truck and headed to the beach.  He hands me these crazy circular sunglasses that made me feel like John Lennon.  And we sat and waited. Looking it up on Google now tells me it was an Annual Eclipse, where you can still see an outline of the sun behind the moon.  I remember it not lasting long, but I do remember it was a super cool thing to see.

Well, the countdown to the August 21st Total Eclipse is well underway, and I know I'm not the only one kicking myself for not arranging to travel to be able to see it in its full glory.  But regardless of where you are when you look up at the sky on Monday, protect yourself.  Here is a link to NASA's safety viewing tips, and here is a link to NASA approved vendors for purchasing eclipse eye gear from.

I wish I had a picture of my dad's glasses to share with you all because they are WAY cooler than anything I'm seeing on the market right now.  Most of what I see are paper things that look like they were being handed out for a 3D movie. 

I know a lot of friends who are traveling for the experience.  Unfortunately, I'm just hoping that the fog rolls out of SF long enough that I'll be able to appreciate the moment.  

Here at Rocket Juice we want to know, where will you be on Monday and what is your eclipse viewing plan?  

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