It's Monday. Accept It!

Have a case of the Monday's? Here are some ideas to get you through the day..

1. Solar eclipse - This hasn't happened for 99 years. Here is the path and where you should be when. The next one isn't until April 2023. 

2. Stop talking about Game of Thrones - Don't get me started on last nights episode. Not even Oprah could afford my therapy bill after I watched. Avoid all forms of Winter is all I am going to say. 

3. Go outside - if you're like me you watched way too much tv this weekend (sports, cooking shows, war movies), ate way too much food (bacon, cheese, salsa) and spent too much time on Twitter and other social media (the world is a terrible and beautiful place all at once). Go outside, breathe some fresh air but don't look directly at the sun.

4. Find a job you have passion for - Revamp your resume (I can help), find a job you want to go to most days (check out) or have a chat with your boss on how to bring change.


And don't worry, it's only the first 5 days after the weekend that are the hardest.


Stacy SmithComment