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What are you doing tonight?  You should join us at AI Hour, hosted at TechCode in Mountain View, to learn about what is going on in the AI community!  You can register for free and join us from 6:30pm - 8pm.  Rocket Juice will be there to share more about the upcoming Hackathon and answer questions.  Curious about what tonight might have in store for you?  Check out Heidi Chun's ILoveMV blog post where she wrote about her recent tour of TechCode and the upcoming AI Hackathon.

Exciting things are developing for the AI Hackathon, September 8 - 10th.  Ken Rosenberg, the Mayor of Mounain View, is going to be one of the Judges and there is a rumor there will be Hoverboard Demos. (Beth is totally geeking out over this, btw.  Luckily, she is small, and you'll be able to push her to the back of the line.)

And we are delighted to share that the British Broadcasting Corporation, commonly known as BBC, will also be in attendance. Nick Robinson, of the Today Programme, will be joining us at Techcode to record and share the Hackathon with his 7.5+ million listeners.


Big things are happening, and we know you don't want to miss out!

There’s nothing more fascinating to watch than two human beings embarking on a common goal and working together to take their place as part of a bigger dream.
— Sachin Tendulkar
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