Rocket Juice Is 1 Month Old!

Rocket Juice launched onto the internet and social media on July 5th, 2017, one month ago today! Just like proud parents post pictures on FaceBook every month showing the progress of their children, I want to brag about my baby. 

On this day of celebration I would like to thank a few people.

Thank you....

My family - For believing in me and helping me balance fiscal obligations while I ramp up RJC.  Especially my Aunt Dawn for letting me call her every morning and ramble, as well as my Aunt Karen and Uncle David for helping me support the stifling Bay Area housing costs while I get Rocket Juice off the ground.  If I thanked every member of my family you would stop reading. 

Beth - I am so excited that you are an official member of Rocket Juice and I get to call you my friend. You have helped more than I will ever be able to express. You will always be my Alfred.

Mel - I do not think either of us imagined that when I reached out to you on LinkedIn that I would not only help you find a job but that we would also become great friends. I am so excited to work on our app and for you to mentor at my hackathons.

Sean - I know I will get a bill one day, but as of now I can only imagine the number of hours of free advice you have provided so far. You drove to Sacramento on your own time to file RJC's Articles of Incorporation.  I am forever grateful for your support.

Everyone I have met this month and before - I have gotten more hugs, high fives, offers to help and more words of encouragement than I ever dreamed to anticipate.  It is great to have so many amazing people believe in you and want to help.  If you're not explicitly mentioned on the blog but have shared in my journey thus far- know that I am incredibly grateful and I will return in kind as the universe allows me to. 

The doubters - I have gotten texts and LinkedIn messages, etc, expressing their doubt that I have clients or that I have ever placed someone in a job. That's okay, because I do have clients, I do have candidates, and I do have people that believe in me. Those are the only people I need to prove myself to.  So, please, keep doubting me, I thrive on it

Yesterday I found out I am now a internet meme. I confess I was confused when I was first made aware of it.  Even though the creator of the meme might have been making fun of me, I hope that people "Trust in my process".  What is my process?  It's a combination of hope, good intentions, wanting to connect people and of course Rocket Juice (aka champagne). 

The internet, my family and my friends overwhelmingly say I should use this 15 minutes of fame to plug Rocket Juice and my interests in Space, Technology, Recruiting, Hackathons and the Mental Health System.  While doing my research yesterday I came across a lot of information. This is an interesting article Gawker did on what to do if you become an internet meme and another article on internet memes that sued.  What do you think?  Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, after all.  How do I use this to my advantage?  And will someone please make a meme of me as an Astronaut?


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