Breaking News! There Are Other Stacy Smith's ...

What a rollercoaster of a weekend! Fun, exciting, nauseating and I'm glad I survived. As I mentioned in yesterday's blog I found out that I have an internet meme but in addition I got harassing phone calls from Mexico and had to call the police more than once. I'm ok... I promise although I did freak my family and friends out. I'm sorry for the frantic phone calls and texts. I figured out who is behind the calls and the issue has been resolved.

I learned a lot and am not discouraged about continuing to be honest about my life and intentions. Instead I was reminded that not every adult acts like an adult, that people get upset sometimes and that you just have to roll with the punches. Oh and publicity is publicity. You can't control who writes what about you on the internet but you can control how you feel about the attention and find it humorous instead. I ended up retweeting the meme and saying "my process is helping people and fueled by rockets and champagne", even thanking whoever created it for the laugh. 

In better news, I also received interest from investors, more words of encouragement from around the world and found a article written about me involving my presentation at StartUp Weekend Santa Barbara. It's not my favorite picture of me and my name is spelled wrong but someone was nice enough to write the article. This was all while navigating the world of Twitter and other forms of Social Media. I learned what a troll is, got called an idiot by some 21 year old college student, was told I know nothing about college football (Not lying, that hurt the worst! I live and bleed the Michigan Wolverines) and told by Twitter that none of that violates any of their policies. 

While building my "social media empire", I discovered that there are other Stacy Smith's in the world. I had no idea the last name Smith was so common or someone else named their daughter Stacy in the 1980's. Ok I'm being sarcastic but I did not realize until I did a google search how many incredible Stacy Smith's there are in the world. 

What are the other Stacy Smith's of the world up to?

For starters, there is a media researcher who has covered TedTalk Speakers. An actress who was in the 1964 movie Terror in the Night and played a character named Mary. I found a singer, songwriter, vocalist and musician who has won songwriter contests and music awards. There is a Associate Professor in the Communications PhD program at USC which a incredible background. And there is a  Marriage and Family Therapist in Northern California. Side note, therapy is amazing and I can't think of anyone who would not benefit from some form. If you think mindfulness is interesting and want to know more then you should connect with Valerie Luckett and see all the ways she can help bring happiness into your life. She has been a great partner in my journey and taught me so much. 

What else did I discover? Even given my 15 minutes of fame this weekend as a internet meme, I do not even come up on google image search. There are too many other fantastic Stacy Smith's.

That's enough for now. I'm going to watch tonight's Game of Thrones for the second time since I wrote this blog instead of giving the episode the attention it deserves. If you don't watch the show you only need to know that Daenerys is my personal hero even if she is a is a fictional and full of flaws. I admire that her writers make her strong, impulsive and fallible while being admired and trusted. 

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