The Heat Is On

As all of California fights over air conditioners, fans and pools, I'm reminded of how hot Michigan summers were growing up and how much I complained. The 90 degrees and high humidity I experienced there this August doesn't touch . Definitely glad I bought a AC a few weeks ago when it was just a little warm. San Francisco had its hottest day of record on Friday, hitting 104 degrees in the city at 2:30pm. Those without AC begged Karl the Fog to come back. Karl we miss you!

Here is what else was happening while you took an ice bath...(content from LinkedIn)

  1. Tech executives are urging President Trump not to end the "Dreamers" program, (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), which protects nearly 800,000 immigrants who entered the US illegally as children. Aside from the humanitarian argument they assert DACA contributes $460 billion to GDP and $25 billion in Social Security and Medicare contributions. Ten states say they'll proceed with a lawsuit to rescind it unless the administration acts by Sept. 5; The Trump administration said they will announced their decision then.
  2. US employers added 156,000 jobs in August, a bit below expectations even for a month traditionally "soft for job creation," reports the New York Times.Unemployment ticked up slightly to 4.4%, still near its lowest in 16 years. But wage growth remains "anemic," the Times says. "The failure of salaries to rise amid robust hiring and falling unemployment in the past few years is something of an economic mystery." 
  3. Tesla is fighting a National Labor Relations Board complaint alleging unfair labor practices. Worker complaints include being forced to sign “overly broad”confidentiality agreements that stop them from discussing safety issues, and facing harassment when they tried to unionize — all of which Tesla has denied. Tesla must respond to the charges by Sept. 14, and go before an administrative judge on Nov. 14. The Fremont factory’s “brewing labor unrest” comes at a critical time: Tesla is beginning to boost production of its much-hyped Model 3 sedan that could bring EVs into the mainstream. 

Drink plenty of fluids and  take a deep breathe it's supposed to start cooling down tomorrow just intime for Labor Day.

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