Discounts for Laggards!

This morning Rocket Juice will be on the campus of Stanford to answer questions about Hackathons and this weekends AI Hackathon at TechCode and offer a few student tickets for $75. Tomorrow we will be at San Jose State and Thursday we will be in Mountain View for a few Chamber of Commerce and TechCode events.The Mountain View Chamber of Commerce just added added some great  prizes for the winning teams! Including a consult with the CEO of the Chamber, use of the Chamber boardroom and a free membership. All great items when you're getting a company off the ground. 

If you're like me (not an early adapter) and are the last one to buy or adapt to new technology (a laggard...I just got an Apple Watch and only joined Twitter a few weeks ago) then here's your opportunity to test drive a Hackathon at a reduced price. We are just 4 days away from the TechCode AI Hackathon in Mountain View and need a few more participants to come with ideas and enthusiasm for the entrepreneur, tech and accelerator community. There is no need to be an AI expert!  All that matters is passion for an idea and bringing your knowledge such as HR, Marketing or the Law. Would you only hire Engineers if you were starting an Engineering firm?

I need to plug our main Sponsor real quick. Just like Rocket Juice strives to encourage women in STEM, TechCode believes women are the future of AI and we are offering a few discounted tickets for women and students. 

Still on the fence about participating? Email me with any questions and I will discount tickets for participants from $100 down to $75 and Observers from $50 down to $40. Simply email to express your interest and get the discount code. 

Want to win a HoverBoard? The crowd favorite pitch will win a HoverBoard and be featured on BBC Radio 4's Today Programme with Nick Robinson who reaches over 7.5 million viewers worldwide. Here's the catch... you have to deliver a 60 second pitch! No props or Powerpoint just you and your idea.

Still not sold even though NASA, The Mountain View Chamber of Commerce and Rocket Juice will be there? Ken the Mayor will be there as well and loves to talk about Game of Thrones. He's also judging Sunday night so this is a chance to get on his good side. Did I mention the HoverBoard? If no one wants it I'll take it home!

If it's more of a fear of public speaking I understand. Everytime I have to speak at an event my anxiety level triples but I am always happy when I take the chance. The Hackathon and StartUp community is very welcoming and a great place to work your pitches. If you buy an observer ticket for Friday evening and decide you want to join in on the fun the rest of the weekend simply let me know and I will convert your ticket from Observer to Participant for $20 Friday or Saturday morning before 10am..

Here's the best news. Anyone who purchases a ticket (Observer or Participant) will get a 15% discount on future Hackathons that Rocket Juice presents such as the Bacon and Beer Hackathon and a Space Hackathon for World Space Week October 4-11th.

Hope to see you in Mountain View this weekend! 

This stage is certainly more of an art than a science, requiring a deep level of empathy to understand how people will react when confronted with this new product or service. Without this empathetic stage, change can become a point of friction that wears an organisation or process down to breaking point.
— Ben Judah
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