A Few Tickets Left! Why You Should Participate In A Hackathon

Imagine one of your fulfilling weekends and also the most tiring.  I attended a Hackathon called StartUp Weekend in Santa Barbara at the end of July so I could understand the participant experience. I found it to be exhausting but thats small potatoes compared to the people you will meet, the mentors who will help you with your idea and pitch as well as having your idea presented to our incredible judges. 

As a Hackathon participant, I found my experience to be exhilarating: smart people, together for a weekend, finding ground-breaking solutions to difficult problems. During 2-3 days, you feel empowered, discuss important topics with experts and it usually ends with a party and some cool prizes for the winners.

So what are you going to be doing all weekend?

Friday night after registration (dinner is not provided) participants and observers get together to mingle.  After a quick talk from the facilitators, participants each get an opportunity (not required and you can decide last minute to not pitch) to pitch a business solution or idea that they have for 60 seconds.  After hearing the pitches, the crowds chooses their favorite ideas. The 10 top ideas are the teams for the weekend and those who did not make the Top 10 choose the team they would like to work on. Teams get until midnight to work then the doors close till 9am Saturday morning.. 

Then on Saturday, participants, mentors and sponsors come back (no observers admitted on Saturday).  Doors open at 9am and there will be simple breakfast. In the morning, your team will strategize on what your approach will be.  After lunch which is provided, the mentors arrive, introduce themselves and share a bit about their backgrounds .  Dinner is not provided at the venue. Mentors are experts in their respective fields and they are there on Saturday afternoon as a resource to give feedback, advice, and sometimes a humbling blow to your poorly vetted plan.  

On Sunday morning (there will be breakfast) the participants come back to continue to work on their product/business plan.  In the afternoon, the mentors return for more advice and feedback while teams finalize their pitches.  Then everyone is invited back (including observers) to see the presentations. There is a judging and awards ceremony, some great prizes for the winners.

There are still a few Partiipant tickets available. If you are a student or female please reach out for a discount code. Heading to San Jose State Thursday if there are any tickets left. Stanford was a blast yesterday and I got to meet a lot of people that had never participated in a Hackathon that are going to give it a shot!

Did I mention we are giving away a Hoverboard

See you in Mountain View!

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