Last Call!

Today is the first day of TechCode's AI Hackathon! Doors open at 5:30pm and the event starts around 6:30pm. Prizes,, mentors, sponsors and judges are all confirmed for this fun-filled weekend. We could use a few more participants though to make it a well rounded and successful event. This is where you come in! Ticket sales end online at 5pm but I will be at the registration desk at TechCode starting at 3pm to sell last minute tickets and answer any questions. Remember Nick Robinson from the BBC is coming, along with NASA, Startup founders, AI enthusiasts and the Chamber of Commerce.

Can't attend Friday night but available Saturday and Sunday? I can set you up with a team Saturday morning! I am also offering discounted participant tickets today. Use code TCHACK with this link to bring the cost from $100 to $50 and feel free to pass the code onto your peers and friends.

Worried you aren't "techie" enough to participate? Think of your average technology startup. There is a need for management, sales, marketing and HR not just those tech savvy. Bring your skillset and a open mind. Oh and have a good time meeting great people.

See you tonight!

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