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Hello! I'm Stacy Smith.

I am a master networker and people connector.

I arrange Hackathons and connect companies, talented professionals, and general technology enthusiasts. 

Consultative approach

I'm not salesy or pushy. My approach is organic with the intent to help.

Tech Focused

I'm into anything tech related and favor the VR, Robotics, AI, and Space sectors.

Strategic and Efficent


Your time is valuable. I find the right people fast.



Ever since I was a child, I wanted to be an Astronaut.  My dreams were first crushed when my parents told me Space Camp was too much money.  As I grew it became apparent that math and science weren't my natural strengths, and the likelihood of me having a career in space became as shaky as Pluto's status as a planet.  

Space, Technology and Science have always been a part of my life and passions.  I created Rocket Juice because I have an ability to connect people and help build partnerships, and I want to bring that talent to the world.  I enjoy learning what makes people tick and how I could help them accomplish their dreams.

I now find myself living in the Bay Area (when I am not globe trotting) in a time where technology is exploding and amazing things are happening everyday.  Hackathons are an incredible opportunity for truly passionate people to tackle real problems and find creative solutions. They are a fun showcase of what is possible when you act with intention and purpose.

Check out the Hackathon link to see what events are coming up!