What do the top 3 teams win?

The top 3 teams all get...

  1. Discounts on a future stay at the Residence Inn Mountain View
  2. A pint glass
  3. One hour consultation sessions with Stacy Smith CEO of Rocket Juice and  Linda Plant Winner of Startup Weekend Santa Barbara
  4. Team photograph taken by Heidi Chun of ILoveMV

The third place team also gets a one-time 4 hour use of the Mountain View Chamber of Commerce Boardroom .

The second place team gets a Connector Business Membership with the Mountain View Chamber of Commerce.

The winning team gets...

  1. Mentioned in an article by ILoveMV
  2. Interviewed by BBC host Nick Robinson for the Today Programme
  3. A one hour consultation with Tony Siress, Chamber of Commerce CEO and local VC
  4. Blog post on RocketJuice.Consulting
  5. A free room at the Residence Inn

*Currently working on getting a HoverBoard for the best pitch Friday night!