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Stacy Smith - Founder and CEO  

Stacy was born and raised in Michigan, and wears her Blue and Maize with pride.  She founded Rocket Juice Consulting with the simple intention of connecting her experience in HR and recruiting, with her passion for science and technology.  

To learn more about Stacy, click here!  And click here to read more about RJC's capabilities to support both your organization, and personal growth goals.


The People We Count On:


Joseph Albertine - Recruiting and Ops lead 

Joe is a proud contributor to RJC as a project manager, a communications specialist and sourcer. A self-proclaimed techie, Joe has spent nearly 5 years working in the tech industry. He has worked with companies and enterprises of all sizes to develop communication and corporate strategy plans. At RJC, Joe manages a small team of recruiters to ensure projects stay in scope, are within budget and on-time.


Mabel Chan - Active community recruiter & advisor 

Mabel runs Albert's list which is the largest and most active Facebook group for recruiting and job placement in the Bay Area. The community has over 38,000 members in the Bay Area comprised of engineering, product, data science and sales/marketing. Mabel joined RJC to level up her talent and recruiting especially sales and marketing. In the past she has partnered with Eventbrite, Coffee Meets Bagel, AdRoll and Codility. She'll bring her community and events to RJC. Plus, Mabel and Stacy talk so much all day and go to the same events so it just makes sense to work together. See her work with Albert’s List here.


RIP - Tony Wilkins - Master Networker and Public Speaker

The world lost a wonderful man in October 2018. Tony was the first believer in ROCKET JUICE becoming an instrumental contact in connecting RJC with current clients, and graciously hosted our CEO on his popular radio program called Small Business Forum with over 250,000 listeners worldwide.  Tony was a best selling author,  and a sought after speaker and coach.

Listeners can tune into past Small Business Forum episodes and learn more about Tony here.


RuthANn Rafiq - Web Designer 

RuthAnn helped create this website and so many incredible others. If you like what you see here check her out here.


Val Luckett - Mindfullness Coach

Val is an incredibly motivating and selfless coach. In the few months that I've worked with her my stress level has dropped drastically, I sleep better and my happiness factor is off the charts. She has also encouraged me to pursue my goals and bring in money in ways I never thought possible.

Check her out here.


Geraldine Convento - Web Optimization and Development

With her in-depth knowledge of web development, marketing and her proprietary "SEO 7" method Geraldine has contributed to the success of several businesses worldwide.  She holds over 20 years of experience within these industries and has been a leader for the most talented web development and graphic design production teams.

Geraldine is a proud collaborator of Rocket Juice Consulting acting as a sounding board for web presence and SEO decisions.

Check her company out here.