Mentors for TechCode's AI Hackathon:


Daniel Larabee – NASA Systems Engineer at NASA Ames, Moffett Field

Aditya Gudimella – AI Engineer for Bonsai AI Inc.

Jessica Nimoy – as the CEO of Pocket NDA, Jessica has extensive experience increasing company profitability by developing and implementing impactful and integrated cross-platform campaigns that clearly inform, shape perceptions, activate purchase decisions, and build strong partnerships.

Dennis Pierson – Information Architect and Knowledge Engineer with experience in probabilistic models and decisioning as well as machine learning. Information Architect, recently applied using Computational Semantics and Linguistics, Knowledge Capture and Knowledge Engineering; also some machine learning and graph analytics. Before that he was an Enterprise Architect in the design and development of a variety of applications in various industrial sectors including finance, law, pharmaceuticals, and insurance. He has also been involved in several startups. 

Najot Brar – As a StartUpWeekend Organizer Najot is currently helping the product team at Carpe Data provide next generation predictive scoring and data products to P & C and life insurance companies via product management, project management, data analysis, quality assurance, and more. His background is in insurance services, AI-powered marketing SAAS, speakers, and MEMS industries fulfilling a wide variety of roles such as product, sales, hardware quality, and software engineering.

Mel Walker – Mel has over 20 years experience as a Macintosh software engineer/tester.  Over the past few years he has worked as an iOS software engineer, on both collaborative and solo projects.  A sampling of companies that Mel has supported include: Apple, Novell, Iomega and Zynga. In his spare time, he is a writer and enjoys storytelling.

Sean Peruzzi – Executive with extensive experience running startups and small businesses.  His day-to-day responsibilities at his last job included managing five separate companies with combined annual revenues in excess of $25 million and over 700 employees.  Sean served as inhouse counsel for the five companies and was the primary vendor liaison in fields as diverse as civil engineering, food service and law.  He was also responsible for compliance with all federal, state and local laws and regulations, and regularly conducted internal audits to improve areas of concern.  Mr. Perruzzi represented the companies before the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the New York State Departments of Health, Taxation, Transportation and Labor, and the Otsego County and Town of Hartwick Planning Boards.   

Linda Plant – Member of StartUpWeekend Santa Barbara’s winning team and HR Expert

Inger Vilcins – Dr. Inger Vilcins has over 20 years experience in academic scientific research, governmental management, epidemiology, biology and microbiology. Originating from Australia, Inger has worked in various roles in Public Health infectious disease response, including the Texas Ebola and Zika outbreaks. Her experience ranges from project management, supervision and administration, training and development, and scientific technical subject matter expertise. 

Carmen Vilcins began her career as a research scientist at several leading Australian universities, specializing in physiology, pharmacology and neurobiology. While living in Paris, France, she transitioned her career through studying finance, with a focus on payroll. Upon returning to Australia she became head of payroll for a start-up communications company and assisted them through over 20 years of transition to become one of the leaders in the country.

Igor Svhartser Igor helps bring AI to farms with the use of robotics and computer vision. Off the field, he's also a technical cofounder for the winning team from Santa Barbara's StartUp Weekend.